COVINGTON ONE MEDICAL Covington One Medical is a multi-services healthcare center,   located in center of the Newton County, is the largest urgent care medical center in tri-counties. Covington One Medical health center provides urgent care, injury care, family medicine, rehabilitation, occupational health services and wellness programs.  Covington One Medical has held to the highest level of ethics and professional practice code, while delivering genuine unadulterated care in a friendly and serene environment, coupled with expertise and compassion. Our team doctors apply their individual professional skills and knowledges to make the accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right treatments. And by working together to coordinate our patient's healthcare needs today, we avoid overlap in treatment, making it more cost effective for each patient. Covington One Medical health center features an large urgent care unit, complete radiology department, laboratory department, diagnostic ultrasound department, neurological testing department, physical medicine/physical therapy department, cosmetic/laser department,  and numerous attractive treatment rooms. ©  2011 Covington One Medical